Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research (ISSN : 0975-7384)


Synthesis and Spectral Studies of Lanthanum(III) and Neodimium(III)-2.9 Dimethyl-1.10 Phenantroline Complexes with Piperidine Dithiocarbamate

Author(s): Muliadi, Alfian Noor, Indah Raya and Suminar Pratapa

Synthesis and spectral analysis of Lanthanide complexes with piperidine dithiocarbamate ligand have been synthesized. Complex compound were prepared by “in situ method” and characterized using fourier transform infrared and UV-vis analysis. The result of the studies reveals that complex compound the both of La(III) and Nd(III)-piperidine dithiocarbamate-2,9 dimethyl-1,10 phenantroline successfully synthesized. The infra-red spectral studies reveals that dithiocarbamate behaves as bidentat ligand and coordinates to La(III) and Nd(III) via the two sulphur of dithio group. The UV-vis spectral studies reveal that electronic transition of complex compound i.e π-π*.